A short answer is –“Yes, you do!” Video is a super powerful marketing tool that is brilliant in telling a story, engaging audience and selling ideas. Professional video production is all about driving desired results for a customer. The times when video was just a must have creative tool are long gone today video plays a crucially important role in making a business successful.

Be that a startup product video, a promo video for a small business or a corporate video for a big company – it can make a lot of impact. Why? How? Well, let’s look into that.



People only remember 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, but 70-80% of what they see & hear.

Recent stats suggest that more than 80% of people recall a promo video they watched in the previous month. More than half of them – 46% – takes some action after viewing a commercial – be that a purchase, further search for information or a website visit.

Video also helps to reduce opt-out rates when used in the email campaigns – on average opt-out rates is 75% lower for the campaigns containing a video.



Because of the overwhelming flow of information, millennials either have their attention captured in the first few seconds or they tune out immediately. Video is a great emotional medium that can tell a beautiful story and draw attention quickly – that’s what makes it powerful. Sure, video production quality matters a lot here.


More than 59% of senior executives prefer to get the information in the form of video rather than in text. Why? It is much more efficient – with video it’s easy to understand any idea faster, get a good feel of the company’s culture and where it stands in terms of quality.



Video space is rapidly growing – by 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content, up from 66% in 2013. The number of internet users is bound to surpass half of the planet’s population which means video will be reaching more people in the future than it is now.


It’s only a good video that can do so much for you. A very good video. Such a video is not an easy thing to produce, otherwise guys like us – video production companies – just would not exist. There are many things needed to make a great video, for example:

1 ) “Film able” concept that will actually look good on the video and deliver the message

2) Careful casting to match the business persona

3 ) Professional shooting with high-end cameras, light and sound equipment

4 ) Precise post-production to tune the video and make it look perfect.


Doing video production in-house is definitely possible, but usually very expensive and slow. Working with FeelGoodVideo makes it easier (check out our process) faster, cheaper and much more efficient. Ready to roll?

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