VAVA dash cam video production

We call ourselves Feel Good Video because we focus on telling stories that create an emotional connection—and make viewers feel good.

Today, we’re feeling extra-good because our client VAVA launched their amazing new dash cam on Kickstarter! In under a day, VAVA smashed their target, hitting 250% of their goal and getting featured as a top-15 project on Kickstarter. Wow!

We’re honored to work with VAVA to create the video promoting this campaign. VAVA is a terrific partner in so many ways (awesome products and fabulous people, to start), and we especially love how they’re so committed to infusing joy into all they do.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area video production agency, we managed all aspects of production, including 3D graphics, motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

More than 200% funded (!) with 407 backers in less than 12 hours. VAVA more than TRIPLED their goal in just 72 hours.

Under that line of thinking, we baked a massive amount of joy into this video, all while underscoring the benefits of a dash cam for safety, security and old-fashioned fun.

  • A guy in a bear suit is instantly joyful—after all, haven’t we all wanted to be a mascot for a day? (Or at least a few minutes.)
  • For those of us who consider Wayne’s World a pinnacle of modern entertainment, the Bohemian Rhapsody car singalong is a profound expression of joy paired with the powerful force of nostalgia. We loved filming this scene, as the cast sang heartily for at least 30 minutes, many times without cameras rolling. It’s a good reminder: is there really anything better in life than singing at the top of your lungs in the car?
  • Loss aversion research shows that loss hurts more than gain. In this video, we take viewers to the all-too-familiar cliff of automotive agony–and then bring them back to sweet redemption with salvation via the dash cam. Joy never tasted so sweet!

This feel-good spirit won us 200,000+ views on Facebook BEFORE we launched and is a wonderful encapsulation of VAVA’s fun-spirited brand. It also echoes an earlier video we produced for the VAVA Voom wireless speaker, which celebrates impromptu home dance parties everywhere—especially those involving water.

Team Feel Good Video


A few more fun facts from this video:

  • Filming inside and outside a moving car is no easy feat. (Of course, it’s now a lot easier with a VaVa dash cam.) I drew on my experience as executive producer of The Bachelor in Europe, where each episode began and ended with a car ride, to set up the car shots to work smoothly for high-end video and sound.
  • In the end, we developed XX final versions for this video—one for social media with the heart of the story, one for Kickstarter with more about how it works and the team, and WHATEVER ELSE YOU DID.
  • We wrote, produced, edited, and finalized this video in under two months. Our LA crew topped out at 24 people on the team!
  • Can you spot the FGV team member in the final shot?

Congratulations to VAVA for their impressive launch!

Watch our full video for The VAVA Dash Cam: Capture the Road Ahead

UPDATE: February 19, 2017 – Our VAVA bear video keeps spreading! More than 1M views on GIGadgets:

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