We create wildly engaging videos that activate customers for life.

Feel Good Video was born of a simple belief: to empower innovative companies to tell their story as magnificently as a movie.

Our favorite movies capture our heart and make us laugh and leave us asking questions. They look beautiful. They take us on transformative journeys into the unknown to face down dragons, real and metaphorical. They get us out of our seats and into the world. They help us fly.

Why can’t commercials do the same?

For too long, we’ve seen companies create generic videos that list speeds and feeds but don’t tell much of a story. For a similar investment, Feel Good Video helps companies create wildly engaging videos that activate customers for life.

Our award-winning video production team creates Hollywood-quality stories that connect with viewers. We go beyond product features to tell gripping human stories that feature the impact your product or company brings to the world. We create wonder, crack jokes, tug heartstrings, pique curiosity—and take viewers on a helluva ride.

We’re fast, respectful and professional, moving at the speed of startup—for established companies too. We’re incredibly transparent, because we know aligned expectations translate into fruitful long-term relationships. And we’re deeply committed to creating measurable business success.

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Meet the Crew

Katia Kostiukova

Katia Kostiukova

Creative Producer

Creative producer with 10+ years of video production experience. Filmed in more than 20 countries all over the world. Was responsible for $5+ million dollar budgets, creating award-winning shows. Worked in California, New York, and moved to the Bay Area inspired by amazing people and tech revolutions happening in Silicon Valley every day.

Anthony Pietramonaco

Anthony Pietramonaco


Award-winning visual and narrative director. Worked for a variety of top clients including Porsche, Peroni, Nordstrom, Verizon, Samsung MasterCard, Droid, and Motorola.

Martin Moody

Martin Moody

Director of Photography

Narrative Feature Films and Commercial Director of Photography. Based out of Los Angeles, CA. Local 600 member.

Video Production Company

Whether it’s a startup video, brand communications, TV commercials, drone footage, 360-degree video, or a corporate video production, our work will exceed your expectations every time. From concept development, storyboarding, casting and location scouting, to filming and post-production – our movie-quality videos deliver results.