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#DoWhatYouCant: a music video for global star Ivan Dorn filmed with Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  • Launch Samsung Galaxy phone as a camera tool of the digital creative class.


Feel Good Video production company headed to NY for a two-day shoot blitz, complete with professional dancers, a soccer team and pyro galore. Our idea was to use Samsung phone as a camera, prop and character:

  • Character: phone followed Ivan as he walked the streets of five boroughs.
  • Prop: Ivan used the camera as a prop for a dynamic choreographed dance part of the video.  
  • Mixed Media Camera: video utilizes vertical and horizontal formats. And photos. Basically anything that comes from a phone.

Published on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel, the phone-made music video energetically underscores Samsung’s capabilities for creative thinkers and innovators. 

  • Reached over 1M views on YouTube with Samsung music video shot entirely on Galaxy 8 phone.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area video production company, we managed production, motion graphics and editing.

Watch director’s cut here:

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