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Can you make a massage chair commercial into an emotional story?

This was the challenge given to Feel Good Video, leading San Francisco Video Production, by Ogawa, which provides some of the most luxurious massage chairs on the market. Naturally, they wanted FGV to showcase the amazing features of their chairs. From zero-gravity reclining to seven default massage programs to a “body scan” that customized the massage. But they also sought a compelling story that would connect with “max relax” customers and drive sales of their market-leading health and wellness products.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we mapped out eight separate commercials. They tugged the heartstrings and tapped the funny bone while featuring wellness benefits. We scripted a ridiculous Mr. and Mrs. Smith-style battle over who got to use the massage chair first. Crafted a story of a Woman Who Does Everything Wrong (and needs a respite at the end of the day). Breathed life into a narrative about a lonely dad who needs a break. 

With the ideas refined, we hit the really hard part. Recording eight separate high-quality commercials involving 40+ people in just three days. With tight coordination and planning, our LA video production team jumped across gorgeous locations befitting an upscale product to capture the footage. (Note: massage chair breaks were key to keep our energy up!)

From there, we managed all aspects of postproduction, including motion graphics, 3D graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

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