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Forums and threads come in handy when you have a question, want clarification, or are in a dilemma. It’s a great way to connect with other videographers like you to share insights or catch on the latest in the video world. The following 7 forums will help you to network with like-minded individuals.

1. City-data forum – exclusive videography

This site was founded in 2005 and boasts of 2 million members. It has various forums including a videography forum. You can only participate in discussions by creating an account free. To register, you need to select a user name and a password you have not used on other sites. You will also need to indicate your email address and confirm it.

city data forum videography

Before completing the registration, you need to read the forum rules and agree to abide by them. Some of their rules are that you should be 16 years and above. You cannot delete anything you post or your account once you create it.

You also need to indicate whether you are okay with receiving emails from the forum administrators from time to time.

2. Student filmmakers – a valuable educational resource for filmmakers and videographers

This vibrant forum was formed in 2010 and comprises both seasoned and beginner filmmakers who refer to themselves as students because of the fast-emerging technologies. The forum has various threads in the streaming, television, video, digital, and film categories. Some of these threads go by such titles as General forum, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Production, and Smartphone filmmakers among others.

student filmmakers forum

To register, you provide a username, email, password, and location. You must agree to their terms and privacy policy to complete your registration. Any time you want to share your thoughts or read posts, you will need to log in.

Some of the rules you have to observe include being 12 years and above. You should use your real names but if you must use a nickname, it should be film-related and not include any number. You are not to use offensive language or post content that has your personal information. To close your account, you need to get in touch with the administrators.

3. Digital Photography review – the best forum for digital video editors

This dpreview forum goes by the name digital video talk where registered users share insights, ask questions, and interact with others. To register, you provide your name, email, and select a password. You use the forum for free but you have to abide by the rules and regulations. They include having only one login account, using acceptable language, and not sharing personal information.

digital video editors forum

You may post a maximum of ten photos in a single message. If you have more, you should provide a link to your gallery. When you are new to the platform, your comments or posts have to await moderation or approval from the moderator. Violating forum rules will result in a permanent ban. You are also free to complain in case you feel a user has wronged you.

4. Dvinfo – digital video information network

Founded in 1998, this forum currently boasts of 38,734 members. It has covered more than 167,000 topics to date. You are free to browse and read posts on the forum anonymously. However, to post and engage others in this community, you have to register which is free. You must use your real names without joining them or placing a dash between them.

To register, you provide your date of birth details and accept to abide by the site’s rules. They include desisting from posting messages, which are obscene, hateful, vulgar, threatening, or unacceptable. You may remove, edit, move, or close a thread at any time.

digital video information forum

Other registration details required include your real name, password, email address, and your city and state. Dvinfo boasts of many forums that make it easy for you to identify a videography topic of your interest. You can further narrow down your search through the sub-forums under most of the forums.

5. Reddit’s videography community – a tight group of video-making enthusiasts

Created in 2009, this forum has 150,000 members. It brings together videographers who are at various skill levels and engaging in diverse fields such as live performances, weddings, sports, live streaming, and events. You may post or discuss matters related to videography only, for instance, gear reviews, and tutorials.

videography reddit thread

Some of this subreddit’s rules are that you have to respect all users, include suitable titles to your posts, and avoid advertisements. Joining the forum is through clicking on the ‘join’ button. However, you do not have to join the community to post.

If you wish to write or leave a comment, you simply hit the ‘create post’ button.  In case you want a more refined videography forum, you can join the VideoProfessionals subreddit.

6. Videomaker – for video creation and publishing

Videomaker has been in existence since 1986 and so far, its forum has tackled many topics related to videography. Some of these topics are Video camera for a beginner, Advice and gear – New to wedding videography, and Choosing a new video camera. You are free to read these topics and associated threads but to create your topic, you must log in.

video maker forum

This entails signing in through Google or Facebook and creating a user name (or using your email address) and password. There are rules that you must observe even though they are general to the entire Videomaker website and not tailored for the forum only.

7. YTtalk – learn, share, and create

The video production forum is part of the many YouTube forums whose aim is to avail articles, tutorials, and other resources to their users. For videographers, you can learn more about video production such as Recording, Editing, Camera gear, and Special effects among other topics. For you to interact with others in this active community, you need to log in each time which means you must register.

YouTube video forum community

Wrapping up

Your gnawing videography questions should trouble you no longer. When you know the right place to look, you will be sure to receive meaningful and valuable solutions to your technical problems. Consult any of the above thriving forums for answers to any questions you may have. If possible, identify one that you like and actively participate in discussions to gain as much knowledge as possible.

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