Here is the story of 12 commercial films, 90 crazy days, a pandemic – and an Addy award with our client Lenovo.

We were set to shoot last March when the pandemic changed everything. We faced major unknowns. Can we shoot during a lockdown? How? And most importantly – how to protect the crew?

After a few remote shoot experiments that failed, LA authorities issued new guidance: crews limited to 10; mandatory tests, masks and 6ft distance; leading to the elimination of on-set makeup; etc.

Our scripted 40-people crew approach went out the window. Instead of actors, we found real small business owners who shared their real stories — unscripted, raw, recorded in their work environments. (For one it was a swimming pool — fun!)

video production process for Lenovo

video production process for Lenovo

Ten phenomenal entrepreneurs talked about how they used tech in their business every day. The stories were gripping, we were excited. And everything that could go wrong — did so:

– Day one, neighbor complaints stopped the shoot

– Day two, one of the business owners reported they’d contracted Covid. It turned out to be a false-positive, but in the meantime, we had to shut everything down, get everyone retested, have dozens of heated conversations  – “I’m sorry but I have to inform you that the crew that visited the locations, was exposed and I strongly advise you take a Covid test…”

When we finally got ALL negative results and were ready to resume filming… LA got slammed with protests. Our art director was attacked at a bar protecting his friend’s property from looters. Carrying around $500K equipment in a van was not an attractive option. We decided to wait again.

It was worth it. Our Lenovo video series tells amazing, human stories. Lenovo was happy, the videos saw 5M+ views and we won an SF Addy award.

Most importantly — everyone had a blast.

HUGE THANKS to our crew who made it through.

We will be posting one video every day — check them out and tell us what you think!!

Video #1 features Brett Stanley – an underwater photographer and podcast host, who loves creating dream-like sequences in the depths of his swimming pool.

Client: Lenovo

Agency: Position2

Production company: Feel Good Video

Executive Producer: Katia Kostiukova

Director: Anthony Pietromonaco

DP: Chris Hamilton

Line Producer: Alastair Ramsden

Gaffer: Jonathan Shryder

Grip: Zach Davis

1st AC: Tiffany Murray

Tech support: Brian Cardona

DIT Ben Crump

Art/Set Dresser: Jose Rojas

PA: Hunter Moranville

Postproduction: Michael Papavero

Are you interested in creating professional videos and not sure where to start? This guide is here to help you! Apart from nice equipment, you need to learn some basic tricks, and once they are polished you will automatically use them as a routine in your creativeness. You will be introduced to valuable guidelines of film shooting that should be useful for a videographer of any level. So do not hesitate and show the world your achievements!

Pre-Production Process

Any pre-production process starts with deciding on the key points that should be thought through and organised in a plan. We are going to describe the important elements of this scheme. 

Firstly, you should know what kind of audience will watch your content. Depending on the type of people who are going to consume your creativity, you will decide what style, speed or length of your video is supposed to be. 

shooting video process

Secondly, you set a goal. You need to answer the question: “What will be achieved with your video?” If you deal with sales or marketing, then it might be wariness, reflection, acquiring or reservation. The best way to finish video is to use the call-to-action method. For example, if it’s wariness that you are using then you can offer the viewers to subscribe to your news, or to contact members of your staff should you use a reflection stage. 

Then you decide on how your achievements will be measured. There are some key elements you’d better rely on while making your videos:

  1. Extend – a number of people served;
  2. Rate of watching and playing;
  3. Approximately how long your video is watched;
  4. Number of individuals who received your call-to-action;
  5. Reaction of people – via comments, shares, likes, etc.

After that, you think of a message you are going to deliver. Ideally, during the first thirty seconds you catch the audience’s attention, play a scene and address your message. 

In addition, you will need to consider the following aspects:

  • Type of a video (e.g. tutorial, speaking to camera, an interview etc)
  • Location – where you are going to shoot your film
  • Equipment (cameras, microphones, power banks or cables, lights etc)

After all, you write a script. What will be there depends on the format of your video. For instance, if it is an interview, there should be some talking points or if it’s going to be a visual, then write down suggestions for music, scenes, background text etc. 

Pre Production Strict Plan is a Must

When you prepare the strategy on shooting any music video or a  short film, you will enjoy more freedom when it comes to planning the entire shoot, right from the beginning to the end. If you want to conduct a professional-level shoot, develop your own storyboard that includes your scenes’ illustrations sequentially. If you follow these recommendations, it will be possible for you to previz the result by describing the shots you wish to appear. Moreover, before you start filming, it may assist you in controlling the ideal time of each day to shoot, your ideal venues and appropriate cameras that should be used.

Lighting for Video Shooting

In order to create professional-looking videos, the key is the use of good light to assist you with your storytelling.Make sure that you decide the kinds of lights you require as well as their respective positions for achieving the desired effects. If you are operating on a strict budget and are stuck working with the lights you already have, such as lamps and the sun, it is important to think about how you can leverage them seamlessly for each of the scenes.

Background for Video

Do not shoot your footage wherever possible. Instead, try to use a simple background or enhance your location by decluttering it. People often make use of backgrounds with solid colors, such as a wall, a bedsheet, or backdrop paper, and the subject is placed in some distance from the background to avoid any kind of shadows.

Essentially, the priority must be to mitigate components that will clutter the scene and direct the audience’s attention away from the characters. Do note that sometimes, a few themes and storylines require the use of clutter in a few shots. However, try to pay attention to your videography techniques by sticking to the basics before you begin experimenting.

Enhance the Composition

Professionals find it very easy to determine if a video was shot by an amateur within the first few seconds of a video, even when the gear used was top-notch. How so? Essentially, the absence of proper composition shines light upon the lack of skills behind the camera.

Unfortunately, novices in the field do not understand that cinematography and videography are not just about pointing the camera at the subject and clicking on the record button. You are required to organize visual components and enable them to narrate a story while you tune the framing of your camera to augment the aesthetic feel of the shot.

rule of thirds for video shooting

One crucial rule under composition and framing is the Rule of Thirds, wherein the subject’s head is placed a little higher in the frame, instead of the center, which allows them breathing space visually and adequate walking space if they turn towards the sides. One more interesting shot involves shooting a scene over-the-shoulder while maintaining a foreground and a background to ensure there is adequate depth in the shot.

Monitor Appropriate Camera Placement

Another common mistake made by beginners is that they essentially do not look at how the scene is being affected by the focal length of the lens and the relative distance of the camera from the subject. When it comes to close-up shots, do not position your camera at a position that is extremely close to your subject since it can result in unattractive facial distortions, making it particularly difficult to crop the edges out. Instead, try to position your camera at least a couple of feet away and use the zoom feature of your camera to get a better shot.

Leverage Manual Focus

Although it is easier to rely on your camera’s autofocus feature, the shot may eventually get ruined as the camera focuses in and out, as it attempts to find your subject in scenes with poor lighting. Instead, make use of the exposure/focus lock on your smartphone or use manual focus on your camera, which will allow you to determine the focus on your own.

When the focus is set by you, you also enjoy the liberty of incorporating some really nice effects in your video, including the use of the rack focus technique, which allows you to focus on various objects in a consecutive manner, using a shallow depth of field that tends to blur out everything else. This will attract the attention of your viewers. If you use it appropriately, it functions as a potent tool.

Remember to Determine Your White Balance

Several professionals find it difficult to tune both temperature and color correction. In case you are using multiple cameras simultaneously for a scene, the cameras can exhibit different default color temperatures. Needless to say, the changes in the tone of the scene from blue to yellow and back to blue will function as a distraction for the viewers.

white balance for videography

Thus, always set the white balances on every camera you plan to use before you begin filming to ensure a consistent output. As a result, the editing process will be accelerated, mitigating expenses associated with post-production.

Expose Scenes Evenly

When you use several cameras to shoot a scene, one more issue that you may face is that the exposure may be different in different scenes. Moreover, in the same scene, one camera’s shots may look darker than the other’s. Hence, always ensure that the same exposure settings are set on all your cameras, including your frame rate, ISO levels, and aperture. This is also the reason why cine lenses come with t-stops, denoting exact aperture values, as opposed to the theoretical f-stop values that general photography lenses showcase.

Time Your Shots

Ensure the length of each shot remains between five to ten seconds. This will keep your viewers’ attention intact. Moreover, you must try and allow your shots to remain steady for a minimum of 10 seconds. That is, do not pan or zoom before this period. People who are just starting out in the industry will learn that these tips are great to mitigate unnecessary camera movements while also allowing the sequences to remain simple during the post-production phase.


If you go go further with the your videos, study this guide to 50 video marketing tools. The process of video production contains lots of issues, which a professional company can easily deal with. Our team produces videos of high quality. Along with large companies and businesses, we work with small startups and sole entrepreneurs as well. Our crew includes acknowledged professionals who will be able to promote your content and other products at a very high level. Our brains are sharp and nimble, we are always developing in various directions and looking for the ways to improve our results. We are committed to bringing the best results for our clients who are all valuable to us without any exceptions!

  1. Social Media Management Software Agorapulse

Free version: Yes

Monthly price: €79

social media management software agorapulse

Agorapulse software provides social media management service whether you publish the image or video content. It’s easy to engage your target audience, schedule publications, and get reports to manage SMM progress. Set up your video marketing campaign on Youtube with this tool to get even more effective results. Moreover, it is available as a Chrome extension and Android and iOS apps.

2. Video Marketing Platform Animatron 

Free version: Yes

Monthly price: $15-$30

video marketing platform animatron

Animatron offers a step-by-step guide that quickly helps you at the start. This online animation platform seems to have recommended itself as a rather steep learning tool in comparison to other platforms listed here.

3. Online Video Editor Animoto 

Free version: Yes

Monthly price: $15-$39

online video editor Animoto

Animoto is a video animation tool that makes it possible to produce professional videos from smartphones as well as from PC. Owing to Animoto, the creator with any technical knowledge can make premium quality products.

4. 3D Computer Animation, Modeling, Simulation, and Rendering Software Autodesk’s Maya

Free version: Trial 

Monthly price: $205


Maya is an amazing tool if you need to deal with computer animation, 3D modeling, visual results, or 3D rendering. It comes with highly developed options that will help you in creating realistic characters and their universes. The Geodesic voxel binding lets you make characters of high quality very fast. 

5. Video Maker Biteable

Free version: Yes

Monthly price: $29

video maker biteable

Biteable is a platform for video editing that gives you an opportunity to create your videos or change a default template. This tool contains circa 85 thousand animations and clips. The process of using it is rather straightforward and easy so anyone can cope with it.

6. Video Hosting and Publishing Platform Brightcove

Free version: Trial

Monthly price: $199

video hosting and publishing platform Brightcove

Brightcove is acknowledged to have an interface that is easy-to-use and intuitive. The navigation through the gallery players is quick and simple. The users are able to live stream videos and get profit. Though, the search option in YouTube is more sophisticated.

7. Video Library Common Craft

Free version: Trial

Price: $15-$159

video library common craft

Common Craft is an impressive tool to provide information to people online in an engaging way. There’s a database of more than 100 animated videos on the official website. Common Craft is primarily a video editing software, which contains lots of handy features to create explainer videos and get an emotional effect on your audience.

8. 2D Animation Software Cartoon Animator 4

Free version: Trial 

Price: $29,95

crazy talk animator

Cartoon Animator 4 will help you produce either a small cartoon advertisement or a properly long animation film. Because this tool is easy to use and understand, the users find it enjoyable to create their custom content through it. Cartoon Animator 4 offers software for 2D animation which makes the working process sensible and simple. 

9. Graphic Designer Software Crello

Free version: Yes

Price: $7,99

graphic design software Crello

Crello is an online platform for graphic design  that focuses on social network websites, print, and online graphics. Through the Inspiration Tab you will be able to receive updates on a regular basis regarding new events and activities to boost your creativeness.

10. Video-sharing technology platform Dailymotion 

Free version: Yes 

Price: contact sales for more detailed information

video sharing technology platform dailymotion

DailyMotion is a platform to manage videos which has a lot in common with YouTube. You have a limit of 96 uploads in one day, including a drag-and-drop element for easier video sorting. Through their premium plan you can customize widgets, personalize your brand and get different analytics tools.

11. Online Animation Maker Explee

Free version: Trial

Price: $7-$99

online animation maker Explee

Explee is an animation platform that is helpful for inexperienced video creators as it contains a basic timeline. It offers a numerous customised set of images, different transitions and effects that can be applied with just one click. There is an option that allows you to deal with several devices to edit videos.

12. Video Editor Software Filmora

Free version: Yes 

Price: $39-$99

video editor software filmore

Filmora is a video editing tool that you would love to use. With this software you will be able to manage brightness,speed, any color effects and other video effects (more than 300!)  to boost your campaigns. Create interactive videos with this powerful tool.

13. Real-time 3D Animation Software iClone

Free version: Trial

Price: $199-$398

3d animation software iclone

iClone simplifies the process of making 3D animation for you. By providing features that let you make true to life and smart animation 3D characters, this platform makes the user’s life easier. With the help of VXGI, PBR, and IBL software you are able to change a basic 3D scene into a world with realistic pictures.

14. Online Video Editor InVideo

Free version: Yes 

Price: $10-$30

online video editor invideo

InVideo offers a great variety of amazing options to create eye-catching intros free of charge. More than 3500 video templates are here to help you edit or change films as easy as possible. Layer editing is the most stunning element of the tool. Among other popular features are a huge number of pictures without royalty charges, options to customize, and videos without watermarks. InVideo is a theme that makes online editing straightforward and simple.

15. Video Platform JWPlayer

Free version: Yes 

Price: $10

video platform jwplayer

JWPlayer is a tool that has been on a scene for a very long time. Nevertheless, it keeps up with the race. At the moment, they offer a HTML5 player. Their API is considered to be one of the greatest in integrating with other websites.

16. Online Video Editor Magisto

Free version: n/a

Price: $9-$69

online video editor Magisto

Magisto is an instrument for managing videos that any advertising agencies or professionals can use. The platform has built-in pictures, video clips and soundtracks as well as modifying elements, with the help of which it will be easy to make and after that to share your video clips in the famous social media spaces. You will be able to attach your brand’s coloring, fonts, text or individualised logo in the clips.

17. 3D&AR tools from Adobe Mixamo

Free version: Trial

Price: available free for anyone with an Adobe ID

3d and ar tools adobe Mixamo

Mixamo is a tool that comes free of charge. It includes stylish features to apply animation to your images. This tool allows you to produce, rig, and make alive exclusive characters. In addition, Mixamo has a set of default characters and animations.

18. Online Video Editor Moovly

Free version: Yes 

Price: $24-$49

online video editor Moovly

Moovly is a platform for creating videos online that offers numerous media templates, but at the same time allows you to use your own media. It contains 1000+ pictures, objects and sounds in various styles with a powerful option to customize your works.  

19. Free Online Video Maker MotionDen

Free version: n/a

Price: $9-$39

free online video maker motionden

MotionDen is a video intro maker that gives you an amazing choice of templates as well as options for customizing your videos.

20. Video Streaming Platform Muvi

Free version: n/a

Monthly Price: $399-$8900

video streaming platform muvi

Muvi is a platform created to manage videos for agencies or individuals of any size and help them start their instrument to stream audios and videos and share, tracks, video on demand and live broadcasts through a customized domain. This amazing OTT tool lets moderators produce metadata, issue user produced content, organize subscriptions, handle payments, and create promo codes to attract customers to an integrated link. There is a possibility to attach advertising subtitles in selected videos.

21. Video Explainer MySimpleShow

Free version: n/a

Monthly Price: $129-$499video explainer mysimpleshow


MySimpleShow is a tool that doesn’t contradict with its name. Its software deals with the technical issues during video creating. So all you need to do is to organize your ideas smoothly on the screen.

22. Video Hosting and Live Streaming for Business Sprout Video 

Free version: Trial

Monthly Price: $24-$999

video hosting and live streaming for business

Sprout Video provides a huge number of analytic instruments for videos, including type of device, exclusive views, location, rate of downloading, etc. Sprout offers an easy API that integrates with other instruments, as well as an amazing video player supporting javascript.

23. Online Video Advertising Space Oculu 

Free version: Yes 

Monthly Price: $245-$945

video solutions for advertisers oculus

Oculu is a platform for managing video content designed for marketing. It is easy to use to make a lightboxed, embedded or overlay video for any website, advertisement system or portable device. It is an ideal tool if you wish to boost your video advertising sport with charged ads.

24. Video and Animation Maker  Powtoon 

Free version: n/a

Monthly Price: $19-$99

video and animation maker Powtoon

Powtoon is an instrument that assists in creating fiction stories using a great number of true to life personalities, video scenes, templates, audios, etc. You don’t need to be a professional in designing or technology to make your videos if you use Powtoon. To simplify the process of making videos, the tool has features for dragging and dropping videos as well as lots of library pictures, shapes, props, and animated personalities. You are able to download images and text from your PC and use a human hand to carry the picture, so it looks very interesting.

25. Video Creation Software RawShorts

Free version: Trial

Monthly Price: $39-$59

video creation software rawshorts

RawShorts is an online platform through which you can make animations from all over the world. It offers a number of various templates with industrial locations to use. Even if you are a beginner it will be still easy to use the drag-and-drop tool for editing videos. You are able to make watermarked videos free of charge.

26. Online Video, Logo and Website Maker Renderforest

Free version: Yes

Monthly Price: $6-$37

online video logo and website maker renderforest

RenderForest is a great editing tool that allows you to add graphics and animations to presentations and videos by using a set of templates. It includes a drag-and-drop plugin that offers a great number and variety of styles or tones that might be needed for your video.

27. Animated Video Maker Sellamations

Free version:n/a

Monthly Price: contact support for the pricing

animated video maker sellamations

28. Video Marketing Creative Technology Shakr

Free version: Trial 

Monthly Price: $200

technology platform for video marketing Shakr

Shakr is an amazing tool for creating videos with thousands of engaging templates. The software is flexible and easy to use for any user. The video templates are mobile-optimised, which saves tons of your time. Get your brand videos to the next lever.

29. Visual Content Creation Platform Slidely

Free version: trial

Monthly Price: n/a

visual content creation platform Slidely

Slidely, the visual content platform and creator of PROMO, the #1 video creation solution for SMBs, announced today that it has  acquired Unstock, a mobile-first UGC (User Generated Content) video marketplace, expanding its ability to empower businesses of all sizes to easily create professional videos for successful marketing endeavors.

30. Live Streaming Platform Streamshark

Free version: trial 

Monthly Price: $199

live streaming platform streamshark

StreamShark is a tool to share content that has its aim to ensure your on request videos and live broadcasts go straight to web pages, internal networks and naturally reach social goals. Whether these are AGMs, All Hands or announcing a new product, it will be easy to stream the live business events of the companies, brands and sole professionals all over the world.

31. Youtube Channel Management Toolkit TubeBuddy

Free version: Yes

Monthly Price: $7-$39

YouTube channel management toolkittube buddy

YouTube is a famous platform for video managing and live streaming. There are no charges or any limit for storage. But it doesn’t have enough analytics sets or integration elements in comparison to other video tools designed for marketing. We advise to use Thumbnails to generate videos. 

32. Video Marketing Platform TwentyThree Video

Free version: Trial 

Monthly Price: €499-€699

video marketing platform twentythree video

TwentyThree provides a system with a set of features that will help to fully manage your video content. If you need to build a website filled with videos, then this is the right place as you can customize a playback window according to the needs of your company.

33. Private Podcasting Solutions uStudio

Free version: Trial

Monthly Price: €499-€699 

private podcasting solutions ustudio

uStudio is a simple tool in managing videos and live streaming. Owing to its gallery and video upload features, it won’t be hard to deal with videos. It provides flash video playback and HTML5, as well as analytics pack and sales tools.

34. Professional Online Video Editing Tool Videolean

Free version: n/a

Price: $29-$49

online video editing tool videolean

VideoLean gives you an opportunity to describe your business in an explanation video. It’s fast and not expensive to create templated films even if you are a non expert in making movies. It’s always hard to set up a new business, and it’s even more difficult to make everybody understand it thoroughly. Before, only big brands could afford Explanation videos, giving not a lot of chances to start-ups with small budgets.

35. Whiteboard Video Maker VideoScribe 

Free version: Trial

Price: €13-€550

whiteboard video maker videoscribe

VideoScribe is a video animation tool that is here to help you make explainer videos in a whiteboard style. It will be easy to create perfect videos even if you don’t have any idea how to do it. You will be able to add music without royalty charges, graphics, etc to your films. 

36. Video Editing VideoShop

Free version: Yes


video editing videoshop

Videoshop is a free of charge platform with the help of which it will be a simple process to edit videos using its filters and instruments, as well as a lot of personalizing elements. Among the numerous amazing options you will find: cutting unnecessary parts and splitting videos, adding music clips from the collection you owe or purchasing from the Videomall, attaching different kinds of noises to your clips, adjusting the speed of your audio and video, changing the look of the display, etc.

37. Education Video Marketing  Software VidIq 

Free version: yes

Price: $7-$415

how to get more views on YouTube videq

38. Online Video Hosting Vidyard

Free version: Yes

Price: $15-$1250

online video hosting for business viidyard

Vidyard specialises in helping companies that need assistance in cold outreaching. It provides a number of different tools for sales and marketing that make the whole process smooth. 

39. Video Content Sharing and Publishing Platform LBRY

Free version: Yes 

Price: n/a

video content sharing and publishing platform lbry

LBRY is an enormous electronic library that you can use on any gadget. It is full of ebooks, music and, of course, amazing videos. This platform offers blockchain technology that lets publishers directly engage with their consumers through transparent monetizing. LBRY has a goal to reach the popularity of Instagram or YouTube.

40. Video Hositing and Sharing and Services Platform Vimeo 

Free version: Trial

Price: $7-$75

video hosting platform Vimeo

Vimeo is free of charge and even free of ads. The free plan provides a storage for 5GB to use personally. However, you will need to join one of the premium plans if you wish to live stream, as it will let you enlarge the limit of storage and, in addition, unlock analytic options.

41. Animation Software Vyond

Free version: Trial

Price: $299-$999

animation software vyond

Vyond is an online tool that helps produce animated videos. There are three types of templates to choose that include whiteboard, temporary, and business oriented. In addition, you are able to do any customization to the objects and characters,  as well as use voice options in creating your perfect video.

42. Live Streaming and Video Hosting Platform Dacast

Free version:Trial

Price: $39-$188

live streaming and video hosting platform dacast

Vzaar is a tool with a basic interface that makes you feel easy while using it. The analytics element is not very simple to operate, but everyone gets used to it quickly. There is no charge per video.

43. Online Video Editor WeVideo

Free version: Trial 

Price: $9-$59

online video editor WeVideo

WeVideo is a platform created for editing video clips in Win, Google Chrome OS and iOS. This simple on-line film maker includes sophisticated tools for the process. It’s free of charge. You can select and make editions to pictures and videos from the gallery of your own, live stream, or download audios and various themes from the platform’s library. In addition, there are effects for blurry background and image animating, as well as special effects for text customizing, narration recording, slow-motion, etc.

44. Professional Animated Videos Platform Wideo

Free version: Yes 

Price: $649-$999

animated video and presentation maker wideo

Wideo is a basic, but on the other hand rather rich, studio for editing that would be helpful to produce an amazing animated video even if you don’t have experience in filmmaking. Through the premium options, Wideo users are enabled to use the presentation mode, and they can download interactive elements in the videos.

45. Video Marketing Software for Business Wistia

Free version: Yes

Price: $649-$999

video marketing software Wistia

Wistia pays special attention to nuanced analysis, including view calculation, location of viewers, retention and viewer factors. The analytics proves to work effectively when there is a need to write custom following emails with embedded videos. 

46. Platform to Showcase Video Content Wix Video

Free version: Yes

Price: premium plans to increase video hours 

wix video

Wix is a great plugin to use for your website. The free plan offers acceptable conditions and a tolerable limit of storage. However, if you need to sell videos and do marketing, you should consider investing in the premium plan.

47. Photo and Video Sharing Social Networking Service Instagram 

instagram igtv

Instagram is a media platform designed for viewing content mostly, so it is perfect for downloading your less than 60seconds videos. It offers a great number of elements for interacting and engaging. You are able to stream live videos from any mobile device with just a few clicks. Learn how get the most out of this famous platform!

48. Social Media Analytics and Monitoring Platform Talkwalker

Free version: yes

Price: $750 

social media analytics platform Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a platform created to help internet companies monitor their video marketing. Through its elements for recognising videos you will be informed whenever your trademark shows up in social media videos. The platform gathers the latest references of your company and provides thorough analytics regarding your social media activities.

49. Video-on-Demand Serive Facebook Watch


Facebook Watch is a tool that specialises in managing video content. This service for video-on-demand started working back in 2017. You are able to download their videos, as well as enjoy great dramas and comedies shows, as well as news programs. You can do it through your Facebook account.

50. Facebook Live | Facebook for Media


Facebook Live is a tool that allows you to control who is eligible to watch your video content. You are able to broadcast to your fans from any device. It is free of charge, and various types of followers can be attracted.




Forums and threads come in handy when you have a question, want clarification, or are in a dilemma. It’s a great way to connect with other videographers like you to share insights or catch on the latest in the video world. The following 7 forums will help you to network with like-minded individuals.

1. City-data forum – exclusive videography

This site was founded in 2005 and boasts of 2 million members. It has various forums including a videography forum. You can only participate in discussions by creating an account free. To register, you need to select a user name and a password you have not used on other sites. You will also need to indicate your email address and confirm it.

city data forum videography

Before completing the registration, you need to read the forum rules and agree to abide by them. Some of their rules are that you should be 16 years and above. You cannot delete anything you post or your account once you create it.

You also need to indicate whether you are okay with receiving emails from the forum administrators from time to time.

2. Student filmmakers – a valuable educational resource for filmmakers and videographers

This vibrant forum was formed in 2010 and comprises both seasoned and beginner filmmakers who refer to themselves as students because of the fast-emerging technologies. The forum has various threads in the streaming, television, video, digital, and film categories. Some of these threads go by such titles as General forum, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Production, and Smartphone filmmakers among others.

student filmmakers forum

To register, you provide a username, email, password, and location. You must agree to their terms and privacy policy to complete your registration. Any time you want to share your thoughts or read posts, you will need to log in.

Some of the rules you have to observe include being 12 years and above. You should use your real names but if you must use a nickname, it should be film-related and not include any number. You are not to use offensive language or post content that has your personal information. To close your account, you need to get in touch with the administrators.

3. Digital Photography review – the best forum for digital video editors

This dpreview forum goes by the name digital video talk where registered users share insights, ask questions, and interact with others. To register, you provide your name, email, and select a password. You use the forum for free but you have to abide by the rules and regulations. They include having only one login account, using acceptable language, and not sharing personal information.

digital video editors forum

You may post a maximum of ten photos in a single message. If you have more, you should provide a link to your gallery. When you are new to the platform, your comments or posts have to await moderation or approval from the moderator. Violating forum rules will result in a permanent ban. You are also free to complain in case you feel a user has wronged you.

4. Dvinfo – digital video information network

Founded in 1998, this forum currently boasts of 38,734 members. It has covered more than 167,000 topics to date. You are free to browse and read posts on the forum anonymously. However, to post and engage others in this community, you have to register which is free. You must use your real names without joining them or placing a dash between them.

To register, you provide your date of birth details and accept to abide by the site’s rules. They include desisting from posting messages, which are obscene, hateful, vulgar, threatening, or unacceptable. You may remove, edit, move, or close a thread at any time.

digital video information forum

Other registration details required include your real name, password, email address, and your city and state. Dvinfo boasts of many forums that make it easy for you to identify a videography topic of your interest. You can further narrow down your search through the sub-forums under most of the forums.

5. Reddit’s videography community – a tight group of video-making enthusiasts

Created in 2009, this forum has 150,000 members. It brings together videographers who are at various skill levels and engaging in diverse fields such as live performances, weddings, sports, live streaming, and events. You may post or discuss matters related to videography only, for instance, gear reviews, and tutorials.

videography reddit thread

Some of this subreddit’s rules are that you have to respect all users, include suitable titles to your posts, and avoid advertisements. Joining the forum is through clicking on the ‘join’ button. However, you do not have to join the community to post.

If you wish to write or leave a comment, you simply hit the ‘create post’ button.  In case you want a more refined videography forum, you can join the VideoProfessionals subreddit.

6. Videomaker – for video creation and publishing

Videomaker has been in existence since 1986 and so far, its forum has tackled many topics related to videography. Some of these topics are Video camera for a beginner, Advice and gear – New to wedding videography, and Choosing a new video camera. You are free to read these topics and associated threads but to create your topic, you must log in.

video maker forum

This entails signing in through Google or Facebook and creating a user name (or using your email address) and password. There are rules that you must observe even though they are general to the entire Videomaker website and not tailored for the forum only.

7. YTtalk – learn, share, and create

The video production forum is part of the many YouTube forums whose aim is to avail articles, tutorials, and other resources to their users. For videographers, you can learn more about video production such as Recording, Editing, Camera gear, and Special effects among other topics. For you to interact with others in this active community, you need to log in each time which means you must register.

YouTube video forum community

Wrapping up

Your gnawing videography questions should trouble you no longer. When you know the right place to look, you will be sure to receive meaningful and valuable solutions to your technical problems. Consult any of the above thriving forums for answers to any questions you may have. If possible, identify one that you like and actively participate in discussions to gain as much knowledge as possible.

There are lots of popular WordPress themes like Divi and Ocean WP, which are user-friendly and have the appropriate layout for any needs. In this article, we cover the most stunning WordPress themes that look like a perfect fit for videographers, film makers, and anyone who relates to the video production industry.

  1. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,82 based on 6120 ratings
Sales: 220 784

Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme is a WordPress theme for videographers who desire to set up a great website for themselves. It includes more than 450 amazingly designed pre-built websites, different functions and modern features that will serve multiple purposes. BeTheme pays attention to user-friendly experience and good performance that is why widgets, plugins, blocks and shortcodes are installed. You don’t need to be a professional in coding because BeTheme is provided with the WPBakery Page Builder to create web-pages quickly and easily. In addition, it includes WooCommerce plugin so it will be a  rather simple task to sell your products online. This theme is proud of other helpful plugins such as BuddePress to use for a social media platform, Events Calendar to manage developments, bbPress to organise a bulletin or forums within your website and, of course, more.

2. THE PASSION – Multipurpose Movie Video & Music WP Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,6 based on 5 ratings
Sales: 143

Handmade and Craft WooCommerce WordPress Theme
THE PASSION is a WordPress theme with multiple functions for creating videos and music. With this theme package you will be introduced to eight websites containing a set of styles and purposes. Whatever your project goals are it will be easy to adjust these designs to them. The key demo features of the theme include the animated sliders that are the best for sharing photos from your work, the modular layouts that simplify mixing and matching of the various available sections, and the large full-screen video background displays. THE PASSION gives you access to the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins without extra fee, as well as fast-speed loading times and secure code.

3. Cinerama – A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Price: $75
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,79 based on 42 ratings
Sales: 2075

Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Cinerama is a great WordPress theme for any filmmaker or movie studio that is looking to start a new website promptly. From a beautiful selection of website demos one can choose a prepared homepage layout to use it for the site of the filmmaker, and everything that is needed later is just importing it into the WordPress dashboard. The Cinerama theme is proud of a film-specific portfolio layouts set that assists in promoting your films and any other video content. With the help of the Cinerama portfolio templates you will be able to share stills from your files and to include videos into your content. Whether you want to tell about your career or the development of your business, or just inform about your latest projects, the timeline templates will be of big assistance. There is a great choice of layouts for all the other pages that the website of your movie maker might need.

4. VYSUAL – Responsive Film Campaign WP Theme

Price: $71
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,54 based on 104 ratings
Sales: 2667

Responsive Film Campaign WP Theme

Vysual is a theme that makes it easier to create websites for film campaigns or market movies with the help of WordPress. You will find two general website options: the first one allows putting your video as a background and the second option is a slider in full screen. You may prefer to use still images from your video or an actual video clip. The information about your cast and crew can be shared with one click. The synopsis page template will help show the outline of your film. One can add an image gallery section to the website and share stills or shots from behind the scenes of the movie. Through the WordPress Customizer the changes to the website can be done by adjusting the fronts, changing the colors, and configuring the layouts. Vysual is perfect for website creators of different experience levels.

5. Circle – Filmmakers & Movie Studios WordPress theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,6 based on 5 ratings
Sales: 143Circle Filmmakers & Movie Studios WordPress theme

Circle is a WordPress theme with website designs that boast of its creativeness. The demos are variously designed and really helpful in finding your perfect option. Visual Composer is handy for editing any of the demo content layouts or building something of your own from the very beginning. Some of many features of this theme include: a richness of homepage modules that enable you to add team member profiles, testimonials, call-to-action buttons, etc. You will find useful an Instagram widget to share your newest photos with those who visit your website. Circle is a theme that those engaged in making films will find really useful.

6. CINESTAR | Film Marketing Responsive WordPress Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 3,67 based on 6 ratings
Sales: 203

Film Marketing Responsive WordPress Theme

CINESTAR is a movie marketing WordPress theme to online promote films. Selecting your right style is possible through a set of modes aimed at different movie genres. If you don’t find anything that suits you, you can easily upload your own background and front images, build color palettes that are perfect for your branding, decide on your own fonts etc. To control the design and style of your website you will find the Visual Composer page builder plugin rather helpful. You can import your and other users’ content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo or to host your own video files, because CINESTAR unites the all-time video hosting services. CINESTAR will assist you in promoting a professional view and stylish sense for your website. 

7. Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Price: $75
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,44 based on 41 ratings
Sales: 1141

Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Silverscreen is a helpful WordPress theme for people with a career in filmmaking. Here you will find nine demos for a unique website or homepage to launch. The designs are attractive. Silverscreen will assist you in promoting your services and skills as a director or actor, publicizing a film, or bringing attention to your projects. If you need to set up a website for a movie festival it will be easy to achieve with this theme. Of course, there is a Visual Composer page builder for better customizing. Silverscreen is a smart WordPress theme designed for moviemakers to realize their projects of any scale.

8. Novo – Photography

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,88 based on 100 ratings
Sales: 4254

Novo Photography WordPress Theme

Photography Novo is a great place to start if you are looking for opportunities to boost your business and career options in the photography sphere. This theme has a unique choice of 11 different websites demos varying from light to dark colours. For multiple devices you can use the framework called the Bootstrap. If you still feel that there is not enough, you can go to WPBakery Page Builder installed in Photography Novo which will help you extend your functions and add more styles. Moreover, it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that is created to sell your products on the website.

9. Pelicula – Video Production and Movie Theme

Price: $75
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 3,78 based on 9 ratings
Sales: 610

Video Production and Movie Theme

Pelicula is a WordPress theme to help any filmmaker to promote a website. It has 13 demos of websites for the film industry, and you only need to import them and then choose the right style for your website. Pelicula has demos that are various and distinctive, so you will meet a great choice to decide what works for you. Apart from eye-catching homepage templates, Pelicula provides other layouts to support you in sharing your achievements. This WordPress theme recommends its Elementor plugin for editing content if you are in a need to change anything in the templates. All these options will be rather helpful in showing your movie skills online.

10.  Noxe – Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,6 based on 5 ratings
Sales: 214

Noxe Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Noxe îs an easy-to-use theme, which helps you to create film databases with the up to date listing feature. Users will be thankful for the option to choose moves and TV shows by their own criteria. What can be more interesting is the drag and drop system to list styles and filters. Any additional information can be effortlessly added to the pages like summaries, release dates, and technical information. The beautiful and powerful theme which you and your users will enjoy.

11. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,93 based on 23 ratings
Sales: 863

Formota Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota. If you are bearing an idea of launching a website for filmmaking then this WordPress theme will be the perfect first step to take in doing it fast. Immediately, you will find 12 website demos inspiring you to create whatever you have in mind. No matter how many similarities these demos seem to have, they actually have a great variety of options to choose from. For example, you intend to promote your projects and skills, launch the latest film release or prepare a festival, then Formota is here to assist you. Owing to the WPBakery Page Builder plugin you can download a suitable page template for your website. Formota is going to provide you with any help you need. 

12. Rekam | A Modern Videographer WordPress Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,57 based on 7 ratings
Sales: 408

Rekam A Modern Videographer WordPress Theme

Rekam is a WordPress theme which aims to help you demonstrate your video projects online by setting up a website. Any videographer will appreciate how easy it is to start a filmmaking website via Rekam by using its installing option which only needs one click or drag-and-drop option to create pages. The theme is proud of its Film Maker, video and Videography collection. Through the admin board you will be able to control the activities at your website. Rekam contains a great selection of more than 600 Google fonts, more than 35 widgets, several various types for a portfolio, and many other features. 

13. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,78 based on 6305 ratings
Sales: 156761

Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge. If you are a proud creator of different videos, amazing documentaries, live events or short movies, you will definitely want to show the whole world your achievements. Bridge will help you create a stunning portfolio. The package of this theme with multiple purposes includes 400+ demos that don’t need hard work to install. Through a set of shortcodes, widgets and plugins it will be possible to upgrade your career or business. Bridge has lots of different layouts so you will be able to choose the right one for your website. This theme makes sure there is no lack of header options that is why you will find 20 header styles that can be customized by uploading logos, colors, sizes, fonts and more options. Among other great features are the mega menu, parallax effect, shortcode generator, more than 200 shortcodes, etc.

14. Leitmotif – Movie and Film Studio Theme

Price: $75
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,67 based on 3 ratings
Sales: 271

Leitmotif Movie and Film Studio Theme

Leitmotif is the WordPress theme that should be an essential tool for any movie studio, videographer or filmmaker who is eager to bring his skills online.  There are numerous advantages to the theme. The variety of home pages options, variations of internal layouts and portfolio features is outstanding, and all of this is aimed to help you easily promote yourself at your new website. There is an amazing choice of customized shortcodes to integrate swiftly. Leitmotif offers easy and right solutions for your projects. 

15. Bazna | Multipurpose Film Studio WordPress Theme

Price: $59
Support: 6 months
Theme rating: 4,6 based on 5 ratings
Sales: 143

Bazna Multipurpose Film Studio WordPress Theme

Bazna is a WordPress theme that is full of multiple functions and features. You don’t need to be a professional to promote skillfully your achievements online if you use this theme. Owing to Elementor page builder, the default options of Bazna can be adjusted and styled according to your wishes. You will find 5 demos from which you can decide on your page layouts. Of course, you can change and customize the options offered to you. Bazna will be a great assistant in helping you make a difference.



Samsung asked Feel Good Video, leading SF video production company, to film a video for global star Ivan Dorn… using Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Feel Good Video - SF video production

Ivan Dorn


  • Launch Samsung Galaxy phone as a camera tool of the digital creative class.

Feel Good Video team headed to New York for a two-day shoot blitz, complete with professional dancers, a soccer team and pyro galore. The idea was to use Samsung phone as a camera, prop and character:

  • Character: phone followed Ivan as he walked the streets of five boroughs.
  • Prop: Ivan used the camera as a prop for a dynamic choreographed dance part of the video.  
  • Mixed Media Camera: video utilizes vertical and horizontal formats. And photos. Basically anything that comes from a phone.

Published on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel, the phone-made music video energetically underscores Samsung’s capabilities for creative thinkers and innovators. 

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

  • Reached over 1M views on YouTube with Samsung music video shot entirely on Galaxy 8 phone.

Contra Costa County needed a series of engaging emotional training videos that didn’t feel like homework to watch. Our award-winning video production Bay Area turned traditionally dry study material into an engaging cinematic experience that employees not only watched but actually enjoyed — and came back to.

We featured real employees and real stories about the challenges of helping people in need — from the challenges of connecting stressed parents with free childcare to helping the homeless find housing. We used handheld cameras, drones and an LA-based team to create a documentary feel that felt real — and stuck with viewers.

Watch the video here.

And check out the Behind the Scenes video below:

The three days shoot involved a crew of fifteen members, Red Epic Dragon cameras and real social workers who played both people in need and social workers.

A committee of eight experienced social workers acted as a consulting team, making sure the scripts are reflecting real scenarios they face every day.

The video is now a model for other local governments across California.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

Take a look and let us know what you think over at our Facebook page!

Coupa Software is a leading cloud platform for business spend; Unicorn that successfully IPO-d in 2016.  They wanted to stand out from the enterprise software pack with a national TV ad that would appeal to CFOs—and make them smile.

For Feel Good Video, leading San Francisco video production company, making business videos entertaining and engaging is very exciting. We teamed with Coupa and Liquid Agency to craft a story involving 3 CFOs facing total chaos at home — battling kids, coffee makers, constant overspending — and contrasted it with the relaxing peace and order they have at “work sweet work.” The ad aired nationwide on CNBC—and you can watch the director’s cut here.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

Take a look and let us know what you think over at our Facebook page!

Can you make a massage chair commercial into an emotional story?

This was the challenge given to Feel Good Video, leading San Francisco Video Production, by Ogawa, which provides some of the most luxurious massage chairs on the market. Naturally, they wanted FGV to showcase the amazing features of their chairs. From zero-gravity reclining to seven default massage programs to a “body scan” that customized the massage. But they also sought a compelling story that would connect with “max relax” customers and drive sales of their market-leading health and wellness products.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we mapped out eight separate commercials. They tugged the heartstrings and tapped the funny bone while featuring wellness benefits. We scripted a ridiculous Mr. and Mrs. Smith-style battle over who got to use the massage chair first. Crafted a story of a Woman Who Does Everything Wrong (and needs a respite at the end of the day). Breathed life into a narrative about a lonely dad who needs a break. 

With the ideas refined, we hit the really hard part. Recording eight separate high-quality commercials involving 40+ people in just three days. With tight coordination and planning, our LA video production team jumped across gorgeous locations befitting an upscale product to capture the footage. (Note: massage chair breaks were key to keep our energy up!)

From there, we managed all aspects of postproduction, including motion graphics, 3D graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

Take a look and let us know what you think over at our Facebook page!

All five were the stars of a recent Feel Good Video production!

Client Ernest Packaging is facing a massive organizational challenge. With soaring demand for packaging with the global surge in ecommerce, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth. They’re hiring hundreds of new employees a year—and need to find a way to attract top-tier talent in a frothy hiring market.

To solve this problem, Feel Good Video teamed up with Liquid Agency to create a series of videos to drive recruitment interest from savvy candidates—and stand out from the typical company. Working with Vince Vincent, Ernest’s VP of Talent, we filmed a series of mock interviews in which Vince was forced to turn down each applicant because they didn’t exactly fit the company culture.

For starters, the sheep didn’t stand up for himself.

The bulldozer was too pushy, natch.

The clown couldn’t get serious.

The porcupine was too prickly.

And the robot gave new meaning to the expression “all circuits are busy.”

This shoot was a thrilling day in which we learned sheep and porcupines must be stationed at opposite sides of a parking lot, and bulldozers can help with garage door repair in a pinch. The videos have earned thousands of views so far in limited release and we’ll update you when we hear more from Ernest on the hiring impact.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including 3D graphics, motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

Contact FGV today for a creative video for your product or company!