Samsung asked Feel Good Video, leading SF video production company, to film a video for global star Ivan Dorn… using Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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Ivan Dorn


  • Launch Samsung Galaxy phone as a camera tool of the digital creative class.

Feel Good Video team headed to New York for a two-day shoot blitz, complete with professional dancers, a soccer team and pyro galore. The idea was to use Samsung phone as a camera, prop and character:

  • Character: phone followed Ivan as he walked the streets of five boroughs.
  • Prop: Ivan used the camera as a prop for a dynamic choreographed dance part of the video.  
  • Mixed Media Camera: video utilizes vertical and horizontal formats. And photos. Basically anything that comes from a phone.

Published on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel, the phone-made music video energetically underscores Samsung’s capabilities for creative thinkers and innovators. 

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

  • Reached over 1M views on YouTube with Samsung music video shot entirely on Galaxy 8 phone.

Contra Costa County needed a series of engaging emotional training videos that didn’t feel like homework to watch. Our award-winning video production Bay Area turned traditionally dry study material into an engaging cinematic experience that employees not only watched but actually enjoyed — and came back to.

We featured real employees and real stories about the challenges of helping people in need — from the challenges of connecting stressed parents with free childcare to helping the homeless find housing. We used handheld cameras, drones and an LA-based team to create a documentary feel that felt real — and stuck with viewers.

Watch the video here.

And check out the Behind the Scenes video below:

The three days shoot involved a crew of fifteen members, Red Epic Dragon cameras and real social workers who played both people in need and social workers.

A committee of eight experienced social workers acted as a consulting team, making sure the scripts are reflecting real scenarios they face every day.

The video is now a model for other local governments across California.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

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Coupa Software is a leading cloud platform for business spend; Unicorn that successfully IPO-d in 2016.  They wanted to stand out from the enterprise software pack with a national TV ad that would appeal to CFOs—and make them smile.

For Feel Good Video, leading San Francisco video production company, making business videos entertaining and engaging is very exciting. We teamed with Coupa and Liquid Agency to craft a story involving 3 CFOs facing total chaos at home — battling kids, coffee makers, constant overspending — and contrasted it with the relaxing peace and order they have at “work sweet work.” The ad aired nationwide on CNBC—and you can watch the director’s cut here.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

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Feel Good Video Production Company

Feel Good Video

Cappasity, the leading developer of 3D imaging for e-commerce, winner of LVMH Group program, reached out to Feel Good Video, leading Silicon Valley Video Production Company with a dream request: create a visionary video imaging how #VR and #AR technologies will transform shopping in the future. We teamed up with 30 visual effects experts across eight countries (including a #VFX group that just won an Oscar for Blade Runner 2049) to create a sumptuous and visually dynamic view of e-commerce in 2089. Check it out here.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including 3D graphics, motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

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All five were the stars of a recent Feel Good Video production!

Client Ernest Packaging is facing a massive organizational challenge. With soaring demand for packaging with the global surge in ecommerce, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth. They’re hiring hundreds of new employees a year—and need to find a way to attract top-tier talent in a frothy hiring market.

To solve this problem, Feel Good Video teamed up with Liquid Agency to create a series of videos to drive recruitment interest from savvy candidates—and stand out from the typical company. Working with Vince Vincent, Ernest’s VP of Talent, we filmed a series of mock interviews in which Vince was forced to turn down each applicant because they didn’t exactly fit the company culture.

For starters, the sheep didn’t stand up for himself.

The bulldozer was too pushy, natch.

The clown couldn’t get serious.

The porcupine was too prickly.

And the robot gave new meaning to the expression “all circuits are busy.”

This shoot was a thrilling day in which we learned sheep and porcupines must be stationed at opposite sides of a parking lot, and bulldozers can help with garage door repair in a pinch. The videos have earned thousands of views so far in limited release and we’ll update you when we hear more from Ernest on the hiring impact.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area ad agency, we managed all aspects of production, including 3D graphics, motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

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Things are looking up for video.

Most of us know that video is taking communications by storm—and projected to be fully 80% of web activity by 2020. We’re now entering a new era in the video revolution with the rise of portrait mode videos. That’s where videos are shot vertically to meet the “taller” dimensions of a smartphone or tablet when held naturally in your hand.

Landscape mode, or our typical widescreen format, has been the default size for videos, films and television for decades. Our televisions and movie screens are wider than they are tall, and generations of professionals have been brought up to create content within this format. To many, portrait mode videos have been flashing-red indicators of amateur hour.

Mobile devices invert that stigma. Experts report that we spend more than 30% of our screen time on a mobile device, which is mostly in vertical mode. Accordingly, apps from Snap to Facebook to Instagram often default to portrait mode with billions and billions of videos. Snap has said that vertical videos perform nine times better on many standards of viewer engagement, and many production studios are now creating new sets optimized for portrait mode. There’s no doubt that the latest generation of consumers are growing up with vertical videos as a standard.

This is sacrilege to many pros! But a new format simply presents a new challenge to creators in terms of layout and storytelling. By eliminating landscapes and extraneous detail from a camera shot, we’ve found that vertical videos create a tight focus that can draw the viewer in. It’s a natural fit for faces—which is how the term “portrait view” got its name! And it helps us eliminate the mild-but-real hassle of rotating a device in our hand or viewing a landscape video shrunk down to fit portrait mode.

At Feel Good Video, we’ve been producing a number of explainer videos that describe how to use products. These videos live inside a mobile app, which is typically held vertically. While it takes a little creativity to adjust to this direction, the format is ripe for creativity, and we’re working with clients to create fresh storylines that fit the space.

What does this mean for clients who want to cater to mobile users—which is most of us! Increasingly, we’re working with companies to first create baseline video content, such as a longer product or brand video. We then splice and dice that core content to generate additional videos, such as teasers or shorter videos optimized for quick viewing and sharing social media.

We’re now offering portrait videos as part of our base packages. It doesn’t take much more cost or effort to record vertically during a production shoot, and capturing video in this format opens many more doors for companies to engage their customers—and establish themselves as a creative leader.

Drop us a note to learn more about how to add portrait videos to your arsenal of communications weapons.

Time to launch your new product? Kick off a crowdfunding campaign? Up-level your corporate video? That means you’ll need a video–and a video production team.

Which should be really fun! But can also be a little terrifying. There’s so much to think about, from vendor selection and budget to scheduling and storyline. And that doesn’t even begin to get into all the little parts of creating a video that you probably haven’t even started to think about—wrangling equipment, managing casting, scouting locations, keeping everybody fed, editing—that can make a seemingly simple video request a massive production.

That means you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry, we have a lot of answers (though not ALL the answers!). From decades of combined experience working on video projects of all stripes, here the top five video questions we get from organizations ready to get started–also known as the Feel Good Video FAQ.

What’s your price range?
Budgets vary–a lot.

Yes, it’s an admittedly annoying answer that means you have to send us an email, but it’s the only fair response simply because there are too many variables we just don’t know—and which can make a big impact on pricing.

There are a few rules of thumb. The bigger the cast, the more it costs. The more locations, the more it costs. Complexity costs more, but you also get more of a discount with bigger projects as economies of scale kick in.

We don’t even give ballparks because they might be totally unrealistic for what you have in mind. That said, I can say that we strive to deliver awesome value to all of our clients—and they tell us we do too.

How much of the process do you handle?
We do as much or as little as you need—from storyboarding and scripting to casting and location scouting, style mood boards to editing and color correction. Most clients let us take as much as we can off their plate for true turnkey service. And we always include our clients in all major decisions, particularly scripting, casting and final cuts.

Where are you based?
We’re proud to work with companies around the world! We’re physically based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto and we do most of our filming in Los Angeles. We also film in New York, Chicago and about 25 countries abroad. LA talent is typically less expensive—and really good. And California is famous of having stunning weather and the best locations opportunities for filming any time of the year. That said, we have an extensive network to get the job done just about anywhere. (Still looking for a client to challenge us on Antarctica!)

Do you have equipment?
We take care of all equipment for you to meet professional specifications and deliver cinematic quality. If you have specific questions about cameras and gear, drop us a line and we’ll sort that out.

I need a video yesterday. What’s your timeline?
We’re really fast. Like, once did a video soup-to-nuts in 12 hours fast. Sometimes we may get jammed up with shoots, but it’s rarely us holding up production. Try us!

Any more questions we missed? Just let me know. Thanks—and let’s go make a video!

We call ourselves Feel Good Video because we focus on telling stories that create an emotional connection—and make viewers feel good.

Today, we’re feeling extra-good because our client VAVA launched their amazing new dash cam on Kickstarter! In under a day, VAVA smashed their target, hitting 250% of their goal and getting featured as a top-15 project on Kickstarter. Wow!

We’re honored to work with VAVA to create the video promoting this campaign. VAVA is a terrific partner in so many ways (awesome products and fabulous people, to start), and we especially love how they’re so committed to infusing joy into all they do.

As a leading San Francisco Bay Area video production agency, we managed all aspects of production, including 3D graphics, motion graphics, editing, music, voiceover, sound design and color correction.

More than 200% funded (!) with 407 backers in less than 12 hours. VAVA more than TRIPLED their goal in just 72 hours.

Under that line of thinking, we baked a massive amount of joy into this video, all while underscoring the benefits of a dash cam for safety, security and old-fashioned fun.

  • A guy in a bear suit is instantly joyful—after all, haven’t we all wanted to be a mascot for a day? (Or at least a few minutes.)
  • For those of us who consider Wayne’s World a pinnacle of modern entertainment, the Bohemian Rhapsody car singalong is a profound expression of joy paired with the powerful force of nostalgia. We loved filming this scene, as the cast sang heartily for at least 30 minutes, many times without cameras rolling. It’s a good reminder: is there really anything better in life than singing at the top of your lungs in the car?
  • Loss aversion research shows that loss hurts more than gain. In this video, we take viewers to the all-too-familiar cliff of automotive agony–and then bring them back to sweet redemption with salvation via the dash cam. Joy never tasted so sweet!

This feel-good spirit won us 200,000+ views on Facebook BEFORE we launched and is a wonderful encapsulation of VAVA’s fun-spirited brand. It also echoes an earlier video we produced for the VAVA Voom wireless speaker, which celebrates impromptu home dance parties everywhere—especially those involving water.

Team Feel Good Video


A few more fun facts from this video:

  • Filming inside and outside a moving car is no easy feat. (Of course, it’s now a lot easier with a VaVa dash cam.) I drew on my experience as executive producer of The Bachelor in Europe, where each episode began and ended with a car ride, to set up the car shots to work smoothly for high-end video and sound.
  • In the end, we developed XX final versions for this video—one for social media with the heart of the story, one for Kickstarter with more about how it works and the team, and WHATEVER ELSE YOU DID.
  • We wrote, produced, edited, and finalized this video in under two months. Our LA crew topped out at 24 people on the team!
  • Can you spot the FGV team member in the final shot?

Congratulations to VAVA for their impressive launch!

Watch our full video for The VAVA Dash Cam: Capture the Road Ahead

UPDATE: February 19, 2017 – Our VAVA bear video keeps spreading! More than 1M views on GIGadgets:

Team Accenture Interactive surveyed more than 1,000 consumers and released an interesting infographic.

The survey found that video advertising is still viewed as invasive. How marketers can overcome that? “This study proves that it all hinges on quality. That component alone will trump whether the content is branded or not.”

Video Content

Shooting a Kickstarter video series in Los Angeles for our friends at VAVA. Stay tuned for some awesome videos – they are coming in a few weeks!


Check out the complete behind-the-scenes session on our Facebook page.

Vava Dash Cam is your on-the-road companion:
– 360-Degree View
– Auto-record + remote capture functionality
– Captures footage even when car is off

Place the VAVA Dash anywhere on your dashboard to capture the views you’re most interested in. The VAVA Dash Cam works at any angle to make sure you’re always capturing what matters most to you.